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Algobot runs under a sophisticated algorithm managing portfolios using Artificial Intelligence.

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Our Product

Algobot is a crypto trading bot solution that makes automatic trades for you.


Make money while you sleep

Algobot operates 24/7.


Your money, your control

We just trade for you.


If you don't win, we don't win

We only get a percentage of your profits.

Improving upon our best

With each version, we innovate and improve our algorithm, getting better and better results.



Break the paradigm

Choose the risk level you want and your investment objectives.


Stay tuned

Receive notifications through Telegram.


No coding skills needed

We help you step by step with the integration.


Choose your profits

Either win in USDT or BTC.


Cloud based

Never miss an opportunity again.


Smart trading

Our Machine Learning algorithm improves by itself from market trends.

Be notified when we open investments

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us here.

Am I the owner and in charge of my money at all times?

Absolutely yes. We only use API keys that are able to place trades on your behalf, without accessing your assets at any moment (this security is provided by the Exchange itself). We will never ask for any other credentials or more roles in your API key than trading ones.

Why use Algobot instead of manual trading?

Bots have no emotions :) Backed by years and millions of iterations of back-testing, Algobot has learned through its algorithms when to buy and when to sell accordingly.

What is your commission scheme?

We win if you win!
Guarantee fee: 2% of your capital (which is discounted from our performance fee).
Performance fee: 20% of the profits you make with Algobot.

How often does Algobot trade?

Algobot patiently waits for the best opportunity to trade. It may happen twice in the same month, or only one trade in a whole Q. Statistically, one trade every month and a half.

I am not familiarized with the technology, will I be able to use Algobot?

Yes, our team will guide you in every step of the set up. Need help afterwards? No problem, we are here for you too.

Can you guarantee I will make profit immediately?

As shown in the table above, Algobot has both positive and negative performances. However, looking at the big picture, it is always positive (even in difficult years!)